Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle Fairings

Made from high impact ABS plastic. Inner and outer fairing epoxy welded together for a strong unibodied fairing in it's natural color ready for your stereo and custom paint. Pricing includes ABS fairing, speaker hole covers, wiring access panel, stainless steel trim, windshield rubber, choice of one windshield (include color and size when ordering), splash guard cover, wiring harness, antenna, sound editing mat, bracket set, and a bolt bag with screws, bolts, washers, and nuts for installation. Installation instructions and one year warranty on the ABS plastic included. The fairing is shipped directly to you with all accessories individually boxed and ready to install after your fairing is custom painted.

Wide Open Custom Motorcycle Fairings

Enjoy excellent wind protection, good looks and premium stereo sound on the open road. With the Wide Open Custom Plastic Fairing, you get quick-detach convenience for full touring comfort. Easy attach mounting brackets guide the fairing back into the docked position quickly and easily when it comes time to hit the WIDE OPEN Road.

Quality Construction

Precisely constructed from strong ABS Plastic. Comes in a neutral natural color.

All hardware is corrosion resistant stainless steel; brackets are included with fairing.

Plastic splash guard supports the stereo and adds extra weather protection.

Includes choice of a 5 1/2", 8" or 10" clear, 5 1/2", 8" or 10" charcoal, or a 5 ½" Black sport windshield. Also comes with polished stainless steel windshield molding.

Changing windshields is easy! Simply take out the 3 bolts and nuts at the base of the windshield and slide it up and off.

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