NEW! Wide Open Harley-Davidson Road Glide Fairing for Road King

The Wide Open Custom fairing for a Harley-Davidson Road King Classic fits on the factory quick-disconnect windshield brackets. On-Road Kings, you must have the running lights moved to the front hole.

Handlebars: Ape handlebars will not interfere with the fairing; however, the handlebars will be closer to the fairing at the top. They need to be in line with the fork tubes and not pushed forward, and the bottom width of the handlebars can't be more than 17" across; this will make the handlebars hit the inner speakers.

Beach bars or drag bars will also be closer to the fairing.

Police Edition: The tach may not need to be re-located. But if the tach needs to be re-located, you can purchase a Tach relocator bracket for $80.00. We will, upon request, e-mail pictures detailing how to re-locate the tach.

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Usually ships within 1 - 2 days
Paint inner and outer fairing Vivid Black. Install sound system if purchased. ALLOW 2 - 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.
Paint inner and outer fairing Satin Black. Install sound system if purchased. ALLOW 2 - 4 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY.
No Stereo Needed
Digital Marine Media Receiver AM/FM Tuner w/BlueTooth, Front Panel USB & Aux in.
No Speakers Needed
3-Way 300 Watt
No Extra Windshield Needed
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  • No Paint
  • No Stereo
  • No Speakers
  • Klock Werks 8" Flare Windshield for 98-13 FLTR, Black
  • No Extra Windshield
  • Details
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