Harley-Davidson Road Glide Airflow Fairing for Free Wheeler

The Wide Open Custom fairing for a Harley-Davidson Freewheeler fairing attaches to your factory quick-disconnect windshield brackets. You must have the stock Headlight for the fairing to fit your bike.

With this Road Glide Airflow Fairing, you will need a headlight ring.

This fairing works with running lights.

Handlebars: Ape handlebars will not interfere with the fairing; however, the handlebars will be closer to the fairing at the top. They need to be in line with the fork tubes and not pushed forward. The bottom width of the handlebars can't be more than 17" across; this will make the handlebars hit the inner speakers.

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Usually ships within 7 - 10 days
Paint inner and outer fairing Vivid Black. Install sound system if purchased. ALLOW 4 - 6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. NO RETURNS
Paint inner and outer fairing Satin Black. Install sound system if purchased. ALLOW 4 - 6 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. NO RETURNS
No Stereo Needed
Marine Digital Media Receiver AM/FM Tuner w/BlueTooth, Front Panel USB & Aux in.
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No Speakers Needed
3-Way 300 Watt
No Extra Windshield Needed
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  • No Stereo
  • No Speakers
  • 9" Black Flare Klock Werks Windshield
  • No Extra Windshield
  • Details